External Wall Insulation

A Brief Overview

External wall insulation, also known as solid wall insulation, is a system that consists of high-performance insulation installed on the outer walls of your home to not only insulate but also preserve the exterior. It is then coated with your choice of specialized render cladding

How does this Work?

  • We can give your house a lasting and appealing appearance by offering a wide choice of finishes in a variety of colours and textures.

  • This sort of insulation is most suited to solid-walled dwellings, but we can also advise on non-traditional building sites.

  • External wall insulation allows you to heat your house faster and keep it warmer for longer by minimising the amount of heat escaping through your walls (EWI).

  • EWI preserves the structure of the building and enhances weatherproofing by keeping it warm and dry.

  • The completed render is both sturdy and breathable, so there will be no damp concerns.

Your Eligibility for this Grant

  • You must ensure your loft is empty of all belongings otherwise the installation of the insulation will not be able to proceed. If the loft is converted in some way then you may wish to consider FREE Room in Roof insulation instead.

  • The loft must be accessible through a hatch and not be boarded. If currently boarded then it must be only a small area of the loft and you may wish to lift the boarding you have to proceed with the FREE grant.

  • The property should be located in England, Scotland or Wales and be heated by a gas, oil, LPG, electric boiler or electric storage heaters (ESH).

  • You must be the Homeowner, Landlord or a Private Tenant. Private Tenants must have their Landlord permission. Landlords must have an eligible ECO3 Tenant living in the property that requires insulation.

  • Also, Housing Associations can claim insulation grants if their properties are heated by any type of electric heaters and they have eligible ECO3 Tenants.

  • If your loft’s current insulation is 100mm (below joist level) then you can have it topped up to 270-400mm.

  • If you have ‘downlights’ in the ceiling under the loft then you may be required to buy £5 safety covers for each of them.